WordPress Hosting

We love WordPress for it's easy to use interface and the community that provides plugins and support. To back up such a great piece of software you need the right hosting.

We have created and optimised our hosting platform to deliver WordPress hosting at the performance and reliability you expect.

Starting at $15.00 AUD per month for basic hosting you will get all the basics that are required for your site. Our managed offerings give you the assurance that we look after updates and monitor your website for issues.

If you require something specialised we can customise a plan to suit your needs.

Geeky Details

Need a few more details to make sure we have compatible systems, just check out the below or contact us, we're happy to discuss your requirements.

  • Windows Server 2012 with IIS 8
  • MySQL 5.6
  • PHP 5 and PHP 7 Support
  • WinCache and Zend OpCache configured for optimimal WordPress performance
  • Run ASP.NET on the same site
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Management available
  • Available in Australia or USA

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WordPress Hosting Packages

  • Economy WordPress

    • 1 Website
    • 100 Resource Units
    • 200 MB Worker
    • 10% CPU
    • 1 GB Bandwidth
    • 2 GB Storage
    • Custom domains
    • Phone Support
    • Management

    Basic plan for WordPress

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  • Business WordPress

    • 3 Websites
    • 300 Resource Units
    • 150 MB Worker
    • 20% CPU
    • 10 GB Bandwidth
    • 5 GB Storage
    • Custom domains
    • Phone Support
    • Management

    Recommended for business websites

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  • Managed WordPress

    • 6 Websites
    • 800 Resource Units
    • 150 MB Worker
    • 40% CPU
    • 20 GB Bandwidth
    • 10 GB Storage
    • Custom domains
    • Phone Support
    • One Managed WordPress

    Maximum performance for WordPress and full management

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Resource units are a special Aspire Web calculation to make sure everyone is getting their fair share of resources. These are a per day calculation not per month and we average it over an active 10 hours, this means you get roughly 10 resource units per hour.

We will notify you and your website may be limited so as to not affect other websites on the server. If this is a once off event there is not much to do, if you expect larger amounts of traffic consistantly we would recommend upgrading to a new plan with more resources. Get in touch with us and we can help with getting the right plan.

A small business WordPress website with around 25 visits a day will use under 100 resource units per day. If your sites has plugins that are heavy on CPU and database processing we would recommend the business package or higher.

A worker is the process that handles all your website traffic. This is used by WordPress, ASP.NET or PHP when serving websites, the more hits or heavy the website the more memory that is used.

A small WordPress website will generally use under 100MB but a busier or website with a lot of plugins could exceed this. ASP.NET websites will need to be more careful as these are generally a bit heavier on memory.

If you go over your memory allowance this will reset your worker. If this is occuring too much we would recommend upgrading plans.

The worker allocation is per website, this allows 5 websites to all use 100MB each and not exceed your allocation even though the total would appear to exceed it.